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Ripper Single Hook

  • Product Name: Ripper Single Hook
  • Product Classification: Ripper Single Hook
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  • Name of the company: Yantai Renzheng Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
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  • Add time: 19/11/04
Product Details

Ripper / Single Hook
       The soil Ripper is an interchangeable working device with the function of crushing and ripping. It is used to dig cracked rock, to break permafrost, and to dig asphalt pavement. 
It is suitable for the crushing and splitting of hard soil, sub-hard stone and wind fossils, so as to dig and load with digging bucket. The ripper belongs to the category of structural part products, which is composed of mainboard, hanging ear plate, back plate, bucket ear plate, bucket ear sleeve, bucket tooth seat, guard plate and other spare parts. 
Performance characteristics: 
       The overall strength is relatively high, the stress of each component is balanced, and the impact resistance is good. 
       The soil loosening  angle of the tooth tip can be adjusted within a certain range according to the working conditions, so as to obtain the best penetrating angle and soil loosening  angle, improve the stress state of the ripper, and make the machine maintain a good loosening performance all the time. The digging force is strong, which has the function of breaking and loosening soil. 

Model number: 
       Divided into excavator ripper and bulldozer ripper, excavator ripper is also called bucket hook, bulldozer ripper is also called tail hook, generally it has single tooth, sometimes has two or three teeth, digging force is strong.