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Product Details

Pile Driver
       A pile machine (Piling Machine), is mainly installed and used on an excavator. Excavator pile driver is mainly used for pile driving, and the types of piles include pipe pile, steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile, concrete precast pile, wood pile and photovoltaic pile driven on water and so on. Hydraulic pile driver is a new type of pile driver,that is driven by oil pressure which can be adjusted according to the quality of soil in order to achieve proper impact.
       The hydraulic pile driver is composed of pile hammer, pile frame and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer is attached between two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly known as the gantry) in the front of the pile frame and is lifted by lifting hook. The pile frame is a steel structure tower, and a winch is set at the rear to discard the pile and pile hammer.  There is a guide frame composed of two guide rods in front of the pile frame. The pile driving direction can be seen from one hole, so that the pile can be accurately poured into the stratum according to the designed direction.
Performance characteristics: 
1. Specially matched with excavators,it makes full use of the hydraulic power of excavators to give full play to the characteristics of strong maneuverability and flexible operation of excavators,to make the construction of pile foundation engineering step to a new stage, greatly saves costs,improves work efficiency, makes your excavator versatile,and improves the investment efficiency.
2. It is especially suitable for medium and short pile projects such as municipal construction, bridge, cofferdam, building foundation and so on. Low noise, in line with urban standards. 
       According to the power source of motion, pile hammer can be divided into drop hammer, steam hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer and so on.