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Lotus Claw

  • Product Name: Lotus Claw
  • Product Classification: Lotus Claw
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  • Add time: 19/11/04
Product Details

Lotus Claw
       It is a common hydraulic grab of excavator, which is indispensable in the loading and unloading of all kinds of projects. It can load and unload a large number of bulk materials on the spot, such as production and domestic waste, scrap iron, scrap steel and other solid waste, so as to realize the rapid transfer and conversion of solid waste.Its biggest advantage is to completely replace manpower to carry objects, and to achieve efficient and safe operation concept.It is widely used in the handling in railway, port, wood production,engineering construction and various deps.                                                                    

Performance characteristics: 
1. Lotus claw, made of special steel, light texture and high wear resistance. 
2. Maximum grasping force, maximum opening width, minimum weight and best performance among the same class products. 
3. The high pressure hose of the oil cylinder is built in to protect the hose. 
4. The oil cylinder is equipped with a cushion which has the function of shock absorption.