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Hydraulic Shears

  • Product Name: Hydraulic Shears
  • Product Classification: Hydraulic Shears
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Product Details

Hydraulic Shears
       Hydraulic scissors are like a big mouth for crushing things. It can bite open metal and other materials used in vehicles. Powerful hydraulic shears are one of the best products for demolition and rescue tools, with optimized mechanical design and unique tool braces to provide maximum shear force. 
       It is suitable for the demolition and rescue in various places. It can quickly and effectively cut off metal or non-metallic structures such as anti-theft doors and windows, steel bar protective railings, cars, train carriages, etc., to rescue victims trapped in a restricted environment or to rescue endangered objects, so as to achieve the purpose of rescue or disaster relief. It is a necessary demolition tool for fire brigade, traffic police brigade, industrial and mining enterprises and other disaster relief departments.                                               
Performance characteristics:
1. High strength,big power, small size, light weight, excellent quality. 
2.Advanced hydraulic system is adopted, stable performance. 
3. The precision sliding guide rail is adopted to eliminate the guide rail gap and the shearing quality is high. 
4. Electric rear stopper, manual fine-tuning, digital display. 
5. The blade gap is adjusted by the handle and the scale is displayed, which is rapid,  accurate and convenient. 
       According to the shape: straight knife scissors and disc scissors 
       According to the structure of straight knife scissors: gantry scissors and Houkou scissors. 
       According to the structure, the disc scissors are divided into: disc scissors,Rolling shears, multi-disc shears, rotary trimming shears