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JUMA® Hydraulic Breaker Medium-Duty Series

  • Product Name: JUMA® Hydraulic Breaker Medium-Duty Series
  • Product Classification: Hydraulic Breaker
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Product Details

JUMA® Hydraulic Breaker Medium-Duty Series
       The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader, which can more effectively clean up the soil in the floating stones and rock crevices when digging the foundation of the building. The principle of selecting hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable one according to the type of excavator and the working environment. Hydraulic breaker has become an important working tool of hydraulic excavator, and some people install hydraulic breaker on excavating loader (also known as busy at both ends) or wheel loader to conduct breaking operation. Hydraulic breaker is also called hydraulic breaking hammer.                                    

Performance characteristics: 
1. It has the best matching effect with the host, makes rational use of the highest output  energy, saves energy, and achieves the highest work efficiency. 
2. simple structure, few faults, convenient  maintenance, lower cost and increased impact energy.
3. The number of disassembled parts is small, and the cost is reduced. 

       According to the mode of operation, hydraulic breakers are divided into two categories: hand-held and machine-mounted. According to the working principle, hydraulic breakers can be divided into three categories: full hydraulic type, liquid-gas combined type and nitrogen explosion type. 
       According to the noise level, it can be divided into low noise type and standard type .
       According to the shell form, it can be divided into triangle breaker and tower breaker. 
       According to the shell structure, it can be divided into splint type and box frame type and so on.