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  • Product Name: Compactor
  • Product Classification: Compactor
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  • Name of the company: Yantai Renzheng Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
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  • Add time: 19/11/04
Product Details

       It is a kind of auxiliary working device of construction machinery, which is used in tamping of the engineering foundation and trench backfill soil in the departments of highway, municipal construction, telecommunications, gas, water supply, railway and so on. It is mainly suitable for materials with low bonding force and friction between rammed particles, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt, etc. 
       The thickness of the filling layer is large, and the compaction degree can meet the requirements of high-grade foundations such as expressways. 
       High strength, high efficiency, one machine multi-purpose, suitable for various terrains and operation methods. 
       It can complete plane tamping, inclined plane tamping, step tamping, groove pit tamping, port wharf underwater tamping and other complex foundation tamping treatment.

Performance characteristics: 
1.Environmental protection: full hydraulic drive to achieve low noise operation, construction does not influence the surrounding environment. 
2. Versatility: diversified sources of power, according to the conditions of the construction site ,it can be equipped with various types of excavators, really achieve the versatility and economy of products, and meet the requirements of various terrains' construction. 
3. Safety: constructors do not touch the equipment, adapt to the safe construction requirements of various terrains. 

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