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Product Details

       There are two kinds of hydraulic excavator ,front shovel and backhoe.What is usually seen is hydraulic backhoe excavator, which is suitable for ordinary construction site and engineering construction, while  hydraulic front shovel excavator is generally suitable for largescale mine digging and handling.
       The excavator is suitable for excavation of flat hillside soil, soft rock and rock after  loose blasting. 
Performance characteristics: 
       The flat rib at the bottom of the bucket forms a large straight surface in the left and right direction of the bucket, while a small strip is formed in the digging direction, which enlarges the straight surface in the left and right direction, and greatly improves the leveling efficiency. 
In the digging direction, its strip shape is protruding above the flat plate, which is resistant to the bucket falling into the soil, and the flat rib occupies a small part of the whole bucket bottom area, so it plays a guiding role when digging, and the resistance of digging gets less. It can also be used as a wear-resistant plate, and the bucket is more wear-resistant. 
       According to the working mode, it is divided into backhoe bucket and front shovel bucket, generally backhoe bucket is more frequently used.