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Wood Grab

  • Product Name: Wood Grab
  • Product Classification: Wood Grab
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  • Add time: 19/11/04
Product Details

Wood Grab
       One of the working devices of the excavator, the wood grab is one of the accessories of the working device of the excavator, which is designed, developed and manufactured independently according to the specific working requirements of the excavator. Mechanical wood grab can be used with no need to refit excavator pipeline and hydraulic system(low cost type); the rotary wood catcher needs to modify the excavator pipeline and hydraulic system to achieve 360 degree rotation (convenient, practical, high cost) to do the scrap metal disposal, stone, scrap steel, sugar cane, cotton, wood handling. 

Performance characteristics: 
1.A new fitting of the excavator ,it is the expanded application of the excavator, which can cooperate with the bucket to complete the grab, clamp and other movements without affecting the function and use of the bucket and respond quickly. Cooperate with different businesses of excavator, adapt to different work, easy to install and operate, cost-effective. is very practical and safe when the material is easy to fall ,especially when loading or lifting to a high place. 

(1) mechanical wood grab; (2) 360 °rotary hydraulic wood grab; (3) non-rotary hydraulic wood grab.