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Steel Grapple

  • Product Name: Steel Grapple
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Product Details

Steel Grapple
       A machine for grasping steel, which is generally evolved from a hydraulic excavator. The large and small arm of the steel grab machine is commonly known as "grab arm", it is generally long, and the front end is a steel grab, namely a grasper, and also known as the plum blossom hydraulic grab or orange flap grab. Its main function is to grab and load all kinds of materials such as scrap metal, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste and domestic waste. 

Performance characteristics: 
       The whole body of steel grab is made of wear-resistant plate , which is wear-resistant. 
       A built-in safety valve is used to prevent the cylinder from falling off naturally. 
       Large-capacity cylinder designed to increase the grasping force of the equipment. 
       Adjustable 360-degree superstrong rotation can meet the needs of special working conditions. 
       Rotating gear is adopted to improve the durability of the product. 

Excavator steel grapples are divided into two categories: 
Fork type: mechanical claw, hydraulic claw,  rotary hydraulic claw. 
Petal type: hydraulic gripper   rotary hydraulic gripper