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Phased Management of construction machinery

For engineering construction enterprises, the management and maintenance of engineering construction machinery has become an important content in management. However, mechanical management needs to follow certain regulations, among which the Phased Management contents include:
Pay attention to the early management of the equipment: the early management of the equipment refers to the whole management work from the designated equipment planning scheme to the stage when the equipment is put into production, mainly including the planning and decision of the equipment, equipment Procurement (or lease), equipment installation and debugging and initial management of equipment use are four links. The important position of equipment management mentioned in the early stage is determined by the goal of equipment management, because only a series of management work such as equipment planning, selection, purchase, installation and debugging can be done well, only in this way can we realize the comprehensive management of equipment for a lifetime, achieve the goal of continuously improving the comprehensive efficiency of equipment and pursuing the economical cost of life cycle.
Do a good job in the preliminary management of the equipment, not only can find out the inherent deficiencies of the equipment and the problems in the initial operation in time, but also can be used, maintained, update and reform and other management work to lay a good foundation.
Optimize on-site management of equipment: the whole process of equipment from production to scrapping belongs to the category of on-site management. Judging from the whole life cycle of the equipment, this process is very long. Its management directly reflects the quality of equipment management in an enterprise.