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Crusher with Bolt function

The common bolts on the crushing hammer include through bolts, splint bolts, high-pressure package fastening bolts, external reversing valve fixing bolts and so on.
The full-body Bolt is generally produced by grade 12.9 alloy structural steel. The full-body Bolt is an important component to fix the upper, middle and lower cylinder body of the crushing hammer, if the bolt is loose or broken, it will cause the piston and the cylinder body to pull the cylinder when hitting, generally, the whole bolt is made of high-performance alloy structural steel, both elongation and yield strength can reach the standard that carbon steel cannot reach, so that even under high-strength working environment, high toughness and strength can still be maintained.
Splint bolts are generally produced by grade 10.9 alloy structural steel. Splint bolts are an important part of fixing the shell and movement of crushing hammer, if it is not fastened in time after loosening, it will cause the aperture of the shell and the early wear of the inner lining plate of the shell due to high stress, which will become more and more serious until the shell is scrapped.
Accumulator bolts and external reversing valve bolts, because this place is relatively special, generally made of materials with high temperature resistance and toughness, and the strength is generally required to be relatively high, basically are level 12.9 bolts. Although the bolt in this place like the accumulator base is relatively small, its function is relatively greater, because the weight of a accumulator alone is 30-40 kilograms, the vibration generated during work is even greater than this force, but there are only 4 fastening bolts, so the strength grade requirements for bolts can be imagined.