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Importance of crushing hammer lubrication

The lubrication of the crushing hammer is a technical task, just like the lubrication of all lubricating parts of the crusher and the timely and reliable lubrication of each friction surface can ensure the smooth operation of the crushing hammer for a long time.
Adding lubricant between the surfaces of relative friction to form a wear-reducing layer can reduce the friction factor, reduce the friction resistance, reduce the power consumption and reduce the generation of friction heat. Good lubrication can reduce the friction factor between gears to 0.001 or even lower. In addition, part of the heat generated by the friction of the mechanical operation customer service is diffused outward by the machine body, and the other part continuously increases the temperature of the parts, which is easy to cause abnormal operation of the equipment; good lubrication can ensure the normal operation of the equipment within the required temperature range.
Lubricant can prevent corrosion and reduce abrasion caused by surface oxidation and processing knife lines. The contact between the mechanical surface and the water, air, temperature, corrosive gas and so on in the surrounding environment causes the metal surface to be corroded and damaged.
A layer of oil film is formed after lubricant is dropped on the surface of moving parts, which can isolate mechanical parts from harmful media such as air and water molecules, forming good lubrication conditions and playing a role in corrosion prevention, rust prevention, the function of protecting its surface can greatly reduce the wear and tear of parts, prolong the service life of equipment, improve the reliability and safety of equipment, reduce the maintenance workload of equipment and improve the utilization rate of equipment.