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Anti-corrosion measures for engineering machines and tools

Engineering machinery is a kind of outdoor working machinery, which is exposed to outdoor atmosphere (including marine atmosphere, industrial atmosphere, urban atmosphere and rural atmosphere) and different water quality (seawater and river water) for a long time. In such harsh environment, it will bear the erosion of various media in different regions and environments to varying degrees at all times, and corrosion will usually occur to different degrees after a certain period of use.
In order to prolong the service life of the machine and even the whole machine, we cannot ignore the anti-corrosion measures of the machine in design, production and later use.
Reasonable material selection and optimal design. The corrosion of mechanical equipment is closely related to the materials of the equipment. In the process of material selection, we should focus on the occurrence of corrosion, pay attention to the rationality of material selection, and fully consider the nature of the medium, environmental temperature and operating pressure, etc., design the structure and type of equipment according to the requirements of raw materials.
In the production and manufacturing process, the coating of mechanical parts can play a role of rust prevention between processes, reducing the loss and processing cost caused by corrosion between processes. Metal materials are easy to be corroded and damaged, so in the process of purchasing mechanical equipment, comprehensive consideration should be given to the procurement, selection, installation and use of mechanical equipment, etc, and appropriate matching accessories should be selected, which plays the same important role in the accessory function and anti-corrosion design of the equipment. Most of the mechanical equipment materials used in manufacturing industry are carbon steel. The price of this kind of steel is relatively low, and it is convenient to purchase and process at the same time. Such steel will not cause great corrosion when used in ordinary working environment, nor will it cause great harm to the use of mechanical equipment. However, if it is used in enterprises, its working environment may cause serious erosion.
In addition, it is also necessary to combine artificial scientific maintenance and standardized operation and use, and extend the service life of machines and machinery with multiple tubes.