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What are the failure modes of spare parts?

All kinds of parts or components in mechanical equipment have certain functions, such as transmitting motion, force or energy, realizing specified actions, maintaining certain geometric shapes, etc. When the parts lose their original functions under the action of load (including mechanical load, thermal load, corrosion and comprehensive load, etc.), it is called failure.
There are various forms of parts failure, which can be divided into deformation failure, fracture failure, surface damage failure and so on according to the working conditions of parts and macro performance and laws of failure; it is classified according to the external morphological characteristics of the failure parts, generally including: wear failure, fracture failure, corrosion failure and distortion failure.
Wear failure of parts: friction and wear is a common phenomenon in nature. When parts or parts and other substances contact each other and produce relative motion, it is called friction. The phenomenon of material loss on the friction surface of parts is called the wear of parts. Material wear includes two aspects: one is the damage of material structure; The second is the change of size, shape and surface quality (roughness). If the wear of parts exceeds a certain limit, it will lose its prescribed function, causing the equipment performance to decline or unable to work. This situation is called wear failure. According to the friction theory, parts wear can be divided into abrasive wear, adhesive wear, micro-motion wear, erosion wear and corrosion wear according to its properties.
Fracture failure of parts: the phenomenon that mechanical parts split into two or more pieces under the action of some factors is called fracture failure the new surface formed after the fracture of parts is called fracture.