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Correct operation mode of gun head breaking hammer

If the hammer is not operated properly, the force of the strike will not be fully exerted. At the same time, the strike force of the hammer will vibrate back to the body of the hammer, the guard plate and the operation arm of the engineering itself, etc. When the hammer works, the correct operation direction and appropriate operation speed should be selected.
1. Correct operation direction
Gun head crushing hammer when crushing work, please confirm that the direction of the drill rod's focus is perpendicular to the surface of the hitting object, and keep it at any time as much as possible; If the surface of the hitting object is inclined, then the drill rod may slide away from the surface, in this case, it will cause damage to the drill rod and affect the piston. When crushing, please select the appropriate hitting point first, and confirm that the drill rod is indeed stable before hitting.
2. Appropriate operation speed
After selecting the correct operation direction, you must select the appropriate engine speed to perform crushing operations at the appropriate engine speed. Generally, when the speed of the engine is not properly raised to exceed the speed required for work, the strength of the strike force cannot be strengthened; On the contrary, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will rise rapidly, the decline of lubrication ability and working ability will damage the piston and air valve.
Therefore, when we use the gun head hammer, we must follow the correct operation steps to reduce the damage to the hammer, improve the working efficiency and prolong its service life.